Microsoft Office 365 Enumeration

Site Enumeration:

Figure 1: MX Record
Figure 2: Invalid O365 Site Record
Figure 3: Valid O365 Site Record

User List:

Figure 4: Burp Suite Extension
Figure 5: Burp Suite Proxy Intercept

Account Validation:

Figure 6: Invalid User Account
Figure 7: Valid User Account
Figure 8: Invalid User Account (first initial last name)[IfExist:1]
Figure 9: Valid User Account (first.last)[IfExist:0]
Figure 10: Automated User List

Account Enumeration:

Figure 11: Burp Suite Intruder (Payloads)
Figure 12: Burp Suite Intruder (Options)
Figure 13: False-Positive — TrottleStatus
Figure 14: Enumeration

Next Steps:






Cyber Security Enthusiast

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Mike Bond

Mike Bond

Cyber Security Enthusiast

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