CrackMapExec Basics

Figure 1: Executed Virtual Environment
Figure 2: Executed CME
Figure 3: OS Enumeration
Figure 4: WinRM Enumeration
Figure 5: Password Policy (No Access)
Figure 6: Password Policy (Credentialed)
Figure 7: Brute Forcing (w/Lists)
Figure 8: No Brute Forcing (Single List)
Figure 9: Local Credential Spraying
Figure 10: Domain Credential Spraying
Figure 11: Domain Hash Spraying
Figure 12: WinRM Administrator Access (pwn3d)
Figure 13: Enumerating Shares
Figure 14: Dumping SAM Database
Figure 15: Dumping LSA Secrets






Cyber Security Enthusiast

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Mike Bond

Mike Bond

Cyber Security Enthusiast

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