AWS Pass-through Proxy

AWS API Gateway:

First and foremost, one needs to have an AWS account, preferably root access, to create a group and user account. This account will be required so that FireProx can create the pass-through proxy.

Figure 1: AWS Management Console
Figure 2: Identity and Access Management
Figure 3: Group Name
Figure 4: Group Policy
Figure 5: Create Group
Figure 6: Groups
Figure 7: Users
Figure 8: User Name
Figure 9: Added Group
Figure 10: User Tags
Figure 11: Create User
Figure 12: Access and Secret Keys


To use FireProx, one has two options to execute the script. The first is by using a virtual Python 3 environment and the second is using a Docker environment. I have used both environments, but I prefer the Docker environment.

Figure 13: Installation


To create the pass-through proxy, run the Docker image of FireProx, use the access-key and secret-access-key from the newly created AWS API account. In addition, specify the region to proxy from as well as the URL to be proxied.

Figure 14: FireProx Execution
Figure 15: Proxied Redirect
Figure 16: Whois

Shout Out:

Wanted to throw a shout out to @dafthack for providing a few nudges along the way.



This article is made available for educational purposes only!!! In addition, this article provides general information on cyber security topics used for “Ethical Hacking”.



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